Welcome to a smarter franchise opportunity.

The Charterhouse Group is a rapidly expanding network of companies providing intelligence-based, business-minded accounting, financial and strategic planning services across the North West and West Midlands. We are now looking to extend our business reach by forming new strategic franchise partnerships, with the stated aim of upscaling both our regional presence and the scope of our services.

A business based on business intelligence.

Our primary focus is to bring our agile, business-focused approach to new and existing geographical areas, spearheaded by Managing Director Scott Dunning and Group Chairman Daniel Dunning-Cole. If you have a professional background in the provision of accounting services, customer services, financial planning or business consulting, we will provide the accounting expertise you need from the central Charterhouse hub, helping you to develop trusted relationships built on absolute confidence, backed by a highly experienced management team.  You’ll also benefit from a ready-to-go marketing blueprint and the highly visible internet presence of the Charterhouse Group brand.


A smarter business you’ll want to be part of.

Our vision is to bring our authentic brand of accounting and financial services to a wider SME and blue-chip audience. Moving forward, our key differentiator will be our ability to look after a client’s complete financial needs, providing easy to understand, jargon free accounting services and plain speaking business consulting backed by razor-sharp strategic clarity.


Everything you need to succeed.

Besides enjoying the halo effect of a strong, recognised brand which will give you the leverage to generate leads and build a significant client base, you’ll also benefit from a proven business formula with seamless cloud accounting, taxation and compliance services, considerable business consulting expertise and a mature business infrastructure already in place. Add to that the fact that we provide a comprehensive training framework, ongoing business support and a robust digital and offline marketing package and you’ll have everything you need to make substantial progress from Day One.


A more rewarding franchise opportunity.

Our client-centric services are well respected in the businesses communities we serve. We believe in becoming an extension of every client’s business, adding value by highlighting potential areas for growth and where applicable, advising on business and financial planning. For us, the rewarding side of what we do is helping to shape and grow businesses and we enjoy bringing our refreshingly un-corporate approach to each sector. We also envisage that the financial rewards will be substantial too, with business prospects accelerating year on year.


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